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I didn't want to like the Force Friday crap, but then the week of, I found myself drawing Yoda and designing this set because I was secretly, subconsciously, seriously excited. The Star Wars set was an obvious must for Awkward Affections, but the design took a long time to formulate in my head. The film color schemes that came to mind generally ranged from the dusty, desert hues, to the stark, Death Star black and chromes ("Hoth White" is my favorite Behr paint, btw). I knew I wanted to avoid black because it is a punch-you-in-the-face kind of color (a color I love to wear, truly adore, but don't love to use in my work. Manet/Monet anyone? Ok, never mind.) So, it was really hard to think of something that reflected the films, was classy enough for a wedding, and didn't scream "Logan's fifth birthday party!"

Then I thought of one of my favorite scenes. 

Despite Luke staring moodily at the binary sunset (and his general attitude before that), it always made my heart swell for adventure. Was it the colors? The music? I cant say, but I knew I wanted that same brink-of-a-beautiful-journey feeling for my wedding set. 




Hey this is awesome! I need to buy some. I'm on a Star Wars high. More posts!

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