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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so I thought it was a fitting time to post this My Favorite Murder fan art. I am selling the SSDGM print and postcards as well as a combo to raise money for End the Backlog--All proceeds will be donated!

Admittedly, I've been on a true crime binge for the past few years. And it seems a societal trend, what with the litany of documentaries and podcasts that make these stories so prevalent and accessible. Some might find the obsession creepy or unnatural, and it is hard sometimes to defend or explain. Perhaps the interest is derived from that intrinsic desire to stare at a car crash (violence being the car crash of humanity). Perhaps it is a sense of listen to situations and imagine our own way out of it, preparation and protection. Or maybe it's some sort of memento mori to remind us that death is all around, in the mundane and often overlooked areas. (I'm sure some even want to imagine being in the position of the killers, but we won't go there). It's not about glorification or acceptance, but about understanding. How can something so hideous be part of our nature? It is humbling and unnerving.

But also, the true crime fad has some good points for society: bringing awareness to issues that were once taboo and calling for change. Before, rape was impolite to discuss, let alone it was often not criminalized. I never would have known about the backlog and destruction of rape kits without the popularity of crime topics. There is often a mentality of "not in my town" when it comes to certain crimes, but it is important to remember that monsters will lurk in any corner, and there are survivors and victims everywhere. We should remember them.

If you're like me and looking for a new true crime binge, below is a list of just a few podcasts I've devoured (in no particular order).

My Favorite Murder

Root of Evil

Bear Brook

Dr. Death

Happy Face

In the Dark

Finding Cleo

Atlanta Monster


The Teacher's Pet

Unmasking a Killer

Detective (Season 1)

The Murder Squad

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