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Custom work pricing is on a case by case basing, and therefore prices below are an estimate and are subject to change.



Custom work is done through a process of communication and design. Once the details are worked out with the client, I will submit a sketch proof of your piece for approval. Once the sketch is approved, I will finalize the drawing and then move to color (if required). This will be done through a series of e-mail collaboration directly with the client.


Pricing Estimates:    

**Final pricing is based on individual project requirements, but below are a few estimates based on average work time.


Logo Design: $75-300

Custom Portrait: $75-500

Character/ Illustration: $250-1000

Custom Map/Anatomy: $350-1500


Things to think about: How large do you want your design? Do you have a color scheme you would like to work with? What specific imagery do you envision? What work have I done that made you choose me for this project? Do you have a specific style in mind? Are there any references that inspired you for this project, etc?



All work is created for personal use only. Purchase of custom art does not include a transfer of copyright, nor include a transfer of license, rights, or permission to copy or redistribute the work unless otherwise discussed. Purchase of copyright is subject to additional fees (please contact me for further information).



For questions, requests or general comments, feel free to e-mail for further information 

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