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New blog, who dis?

Valentine's Day is awkward. Single or taken, the tone surrounding this "holiday" has always been tinged with some balance of caredon'tcare attitude. Expectation is a difficult mistress. It's important, it's commercial, it's made up, but mostly, it shouldn't be all about romance. Any relationship we have should be celebrated! We are social creatures and it is a basic human need. Seriously, we deteriorate in isolation. So take some time this Valentine's day to celebrate all of your pack. Your friends keep you sane (and they know your dark secrets).

So if you're single, think of how much money you're saving (and that you're allegedly healthier).

If you're in a relationship, enjoy not being on Tinder/Bumble/Hinge/Grinder (or anything else that encourages interaction with strangers).

Lastly (perhaps most importantly), to my fellow procrastinators, here are some Valentines you can text last minute to your loved ones (because Lady knows I never plan ahead).

Download these Awkward Valentines for free and text or print your heart out.

Happy Valentines Day (or whatever), people. I appreciate you guys.

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