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Naughty by Nature

Hey look! Just finished two new botanical illustration prints and I am so happy with these weird additions. First we have our Varieties of Murderous Fungi (which pairs perfectly with the predecessor Varieties of Murderous Plants). While I love spooky stuff, I really hate mushrooms. I don’t care what anyone says, they are creepy, little, fleshy, monsters. Plus, the next time you sink your teeth into their spongy weirdness, remember that they are genetically closer to humans than plants. Fleshy. Monsters. Food for thought, vegetarians (I am one, so I can say this). They are so creepy there is even an X-File episode about them. That being said, I have a new print! So for all you similarly delightful and twisted folks out there, I hope you enjoy this baby (regardless of fungal opinions).

My next addition is the Feminine Apothecary....

The inspiration was brought on by recent events with SCOTUS. It got me thinking about how this issue, perspective and procedures has changed throughout history. Some of the earliest recordings of birth control can be found in the Ebers scroll (1550-1500 B.C.E./ Ancient Egypt) which is thought to have been copied from much earlier text. Silphium, for example, was widely used by the Ancient Greeks and was so popular it was even featured on Cyrenic mone (and likely over harvested into extinction)! Just interesting how the issue has developed through time with humanity. But maybe I'm a budding, modern village witch.

Anyway. The botanical set has done it's own developing and emerging into this nice series of six you can see below. You can find them all in the shop (and these have a nice, even breakdown of subject and quantity for my special 3 for sale, btw). Hope looking at these is as enjoyable as creating! xx

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