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Secret of the Pit

Super Shredder in the Ball Pit

There is something inherently chaotic about a ball pit...besides the typical source of wild, haphazardly jumping children, lost glasses and sharp objects roaming the floor, or the parental revulsion as children marinate in a cacophony of unwashable, germ coated, plastic spheres. To me, it is the physical chaos of a pool you can't float in, though the muscle memory of swimming demands the same physics as water. It is unending sinking and your ability to swim doesn't apply in this universe. I mean, I like to swim, so this is stressful to me...

Anyway, do you remember TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze? Fantastic. Loved that movie as a kid. Though absolutely nothing explains why the Super Shredder / ball pit image wouldn't leave my head. Maybe there is a kinship of triumphantly emerging in both scenarios, only to be defeated again (and again), by your own efforts.

Sometimes it seems like we are all trying to swim in a ball pit these days. If you don't move, the other jumpers will bury you more, but swimming also makes you sink.

I guess all I am saying is that I prefer the bounce house.

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