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Awkward Affirmations

Awkward Affections does a lot of Artist Alley booths, and frequently, I would overhear someone looking at a card mention, "someone needs to give this to me" (usually referencing this). Obviously, most people wouldn't send themselves a card (I mean, you can, it's just weird). Still, a lot of people deserve random acts of kindness, supportive words and humor in their gloomy, everyday life. It got me thinking that there should be a way someone can celebrate themselves (because self-care/treat yo-self/the world is shit, you get me?)

Also, my mom is a therapist. An eerily insightful, insanely supportive, funny and positive, therapist. Growing up with that kind of perceptive influence, well you pick up a lot of advice.**

There has also been a beautiful resurgence of tarot cards (ie: tarot illustration) which is both parts a fantastic conduit for beautiful art, as well as some cultural interest in questioning and divining. Which makes sense. We use things like tarot to seek control, look for answers, find some order in the chaos of life. Usually it is an internal battle that needs sorting out, more than the importance of future manifestations.

But I didn't want to get into the tarot game. Tarot is hard to learn and kind of pissy (personally, there are way too many cards for that kind of illustration detail. I am not that motivated). So instead of trying to re-illustrate something I had no business interpreting, I thought about a simpler approach. Something like the bowl of Angel Cards we always had lying around the house. Some quick bites of wisdom (where I could still be a kind of sarcastic dick about things, because this is Awkward Affections).

So about a year later, Awkward Affirmations was finally finished.

100 mini, unique cards of individual illustrations and cheeky words of advice.

- pick a card daily for inspiration

- pick a card to help mull over a problem

- leave a card for a loved one (or surprise a stranger)

Do whatever, but use them as a way to add some humor, positivity and perspective when things are getting all dumb and gray.

And remember, Awkward Affirmations are not meant to replace therapy. I am not a therapist. You wouldn’t want me to be your therapist. Though therapy is always a good idea. Don't insult my mom.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do.




**(Seriously, we'd listen to Women Who Run With Wolves audiobook or Thích Nhất Hạnh in the car because we didn't have cell phones or babysitting screens, people! Kids sat in the car with their headless barbies and you freaking dealt with whatever was happening).

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1 Comment

Regina Abdou
Aug 02, 2019

This is great! Love it and love the sayings and how the art is so unique to each ‘affirmation’!! Thanks for the honorable mention too! Sorry again for the Sinead!!!

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