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Awkward Patreon Monthly Subscription!

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I recently launched my first ever Patreon! My page is something of a monthly subscription package so you can stock up on illustrations & backup cards, while also receiving some personalized notes, motivation and cheeky humor. I wanted to create a unique brand experience that was interactive and specialized. It is a subscription that allows you to treat yourself while also collecting some useful gifts for others as well.

In a world that is incredibly commercialized, I wanted to give a reminder that Awkward Affections is about communication and keeping brightness in daily life. There is a person behind every step of this brand! But there are also people behind my orders, and I rarely get to say more than a little thank you in my packages. I wanted Patreon to allow more direct personality between the exchange (But I'm an introvert so you never need to worry about too much interaction).

Below is the full breakdown of the tiers:

Awkward Wave

$1 per month ∙

  • 1 Phone background / wallpaper per month

  • Preview and stay up to date on new works

  • Ability to vote on new project themes

  • Early access to new shop listings 

  • Exclusive access to shop sales and promos

Awkward Handshake

$5 per month ∙

  • 1 personalized postcard or card will be sent to you monthly

  • Behind the scenes access to Awkward Affections studio, old sketchbooks, playlists, etc

  • Extra digital content like printable cards, phone wallpapers, mini prints, GIFs, etc

Plus everything in the previous package

Awkward Dance

$15 per month ∙

  • Card of the Month package (at least 1 special greeting card and/or print mailed for your own use)*

  • Mini cheeky calendar page of that month

  • Bonus goodies (postcards, bookmarks, stickers, etc)

  • Personalized message

Plus everything in the previous packages

Awkward Hug

$25 per month

  • At least 3 special greeting cards and/or prints mailed for your own use (Some new cards will be special for patrons only!)* 

  • Occasional shipments of brand new products (votive art candles, mugs, tea towels, etc)

  • After 1 year, you will get a bonus original drawing!

Plus everything in the previous packages


Here is the first Awkward Hug package sent out (including the calendar page and digital wallpaper in use!)

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